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Blue CD

Blue CD

This album was critically received by Radio stations and media throughout the world.
Rolling Stone magazine :
"Given my preference for the concise rock song form, Blue (with its dozen quick, catchy tunes) is the kind of record I can't get enough of. BUD SCOPPA
Renouned DJ John Peel gave it outstanding reviews and made it his featured album of the month on BBC Radio 1 : "That Blue are a remarkably fine band is beyond dispute".
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Track list : 1.Red Light Song 2.Look Around 3. Someone 4.Sunset Regret 5.Timi's Black Arrow 6. Sitting On A Fence 7. Little Jody 8. Let Me Know 9.I Wish I Could Fly 10. Skye Banana Boat Song 11. The Way Things Are 12. Sunshine Or Falling Rain 13. Heaven Avenue (Taken from Heaven Avenue Album)

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